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Robert Oates MBA

I founded Arbtech in 2005 as a sole trader, providing tree surveys and ecological consultancy—having spent my years prior to this working as a tree surgeon. 9 years hence and I am managing director of one of the UK’s largest and foremost arboricultural and ecological consultancies: Arbtech.

Then as now, the focus at Arbtech is on competitiveness, speed and reliability. Unlike most of our “we’ll do anything as long as you’re paying us” competitors, we only undertake planning-related tree and ecology surveys, assuring you of our commitment to providing an unmatched depth of expertise, at the lowest possible cost.

Uniquely, under one roof we are a team of twelve full time, directly employed specialists that are able to provide any type of tree survey report or ecological survey to support your planning application. Our arboricultural and ecological surveys are delivered nationally by a combination of employees based at home (including e.g. Luton, Tunbridge Wells and East Sussex) and those based at our offices in Manchester, Birmingham, Cheshire, Surrey and central London. As you might expect, this is considerably quicker and cheaper than everyone driving out from one location, as is the traditional model for consultancies.

My ambition is to continue to build a business that is profitable; that is respected for its commitment to science; that contributes positively to the projects of customers and above all, the careers of our employees.

More about meI am an infantry solider with 4th Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Army Reserve), and a weight training and fitness maniac. At home, I enjoy down time with my wife, Kylie, and I am a big fan of both basketball and American football… go Detriot Lions!!!!

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