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Alexandra Ashton

Alex co-ordinates much of the work at Arbtech.

Her touch is felt by almost every project that comes through the door and along with our highly sophisticated IT system, she is responsible for the ninja-like efficiency of our internal processes.

In previous roles, Alex has been the P.A. to a global logistics director and a project administrator for Northrop Grumman, a facilities management group. Combining that experience with her meticulous efficiency, she brings a lot to the table.

You’ll probably have the pleasure of speaking to Alex at some point, if you engage us on your arboricultural or ecological project. Friendly and outgoing, she’ll give you a warm welcome and either direct you to an expert (she’s not a suitably qualified ecologist, after all) or arrange to call you back having solved your problem herself.

Robert Oates, founder and managing director says:

“I really like Alex. She’s is a great person to have in the office. Apart from anything else, it’s fun to see her and Alan Thompson wrestle over which radio station we will put up with/enjoy on any given day. Alex did ring some alarm bells in our first interview, when she said ‘I love spreadsheets’, but luckily for Arbtech, we let that slide, and the rest is history.”

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